Should Nude Photographs Be Made Available in Public in Museums

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I recently wrote an article about how sex on TV should be monitored. This article may seem like I am backtracking from that article, but just bear with me.

I personally do not find that a lot of the nude photographs in museums should be hidden to the public. The difference between the sex scenes that I talked about in my other article and nude photographs, at least in my opinion, is that the nude photos in museums are not meant for sexual purposes. Yes, they may make someone uncomfortable, but they are not meant to be sexual. They are meant to tell a story, to create art, and to speak for the artist. A lot of the sex scenes on TV that I discussed were not meant to do anything. I guess the writers could argue that it is art, but those scenes seem to be there to just stir the pot, not to teach a lesson or open someone’s eyes.

Topics like this are very subjective. At the end of the day, the photos are still provocative, and they still show inappropriate images. However, I have seen sex scenes on TV and I have seen nude photographs in museums, and the whole demeanor of both are completely different. The photographs are speaking for the artists. Therefore, they are invoking their right to freedom of speech. Do not get me wrong, if the photos in museums were to get to the point where they looked like pornography, I would certainly feel that they should not be made available in museums. I just do not think that that is case with most of the photos. Everything in life is interpreted by on how it is done. Two people can tell you “Hi,” and one person can make you feel amazing, while the other person can make you feel terrible. That is same thing with the TV sex scenes and the nude photos in a museum. It is all about context.

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